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we specialise in fitted wardrobes, fitted sliding wardrobes and walk-in- wardrobes.

by james |May 29, 2017 |3 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

We are the manufactures of most of our products. We manufacture our fully bespoke bedroom wardrobes and sliding wardrobes here in London and everything is bespoke and unique for your individual needs.

fitted bedroom furniture in London

we specialise in fitted bedrooms

by james |May 29, 2017 |4 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

We offer a comprehensive range of made to measure Bedrooms solutions. Beautifully made and expertly fitted, whether you’re in love with modern minimalism or traditional design Fitted wardrobes and Bedrooms have everything you need to achieve your desired look.

Whatever kind of bedroom wardrobe you may be looking for, from fitted hinged wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, bespoke wardrobes, regular fitted wardrobes or right the way through to fully fitted bedrooms, Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes can help. All our wardrobes are custom made with hundreds of colors and the latest designs to choose from.

LOft wardrobes in London

we specialise in fitted bedroom wardrobes

by james |May 29, 2017 |3 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

We at Fitted Wardrobes & Bedrooms are expert bedroom and kitchens designers with experience of design and layout for over 25 years, we offer complete fitted bedrooms and kitchen sets from traditional to modern and contemporary . The choice is huge and the most important thing is we got whatever it takes to design a perfect bedroom or kitchen.

As they say the kitchen and the bedroom are the most essential and needful room in the house, now and in the past, we have organised ourselves to create extra space or maybe change the design or the look and feel, however the kitchen or bedroom has still to remained for practicable usage.

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we specialise in fitted sliding wardrobes

by james |May 29, 2017 |0 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

We are the manufactures of most of our products. We manufacture our fully bespoke bedroom wardrobes and sliding wardrobes here in London and everything is bespoke and unique for your individual needs.

built in bedroom wardrobes in London

Top Bedroom Design Tips

by james |May 29, 2017 |2 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

Before you head out to shop for fitted wardrobes, you need to make a few decisions regarding your bedroom décor first so you know what you’re purchasing will fit in with the design choices you’ve already made. To help you start off in the right direction, here are a couple of tips to achieve that perfect bedroom.

Think about the kind of person you are and whether you’re happy to have something a bit out of the ordinary or would rather stick with a more traditional aesthetic. For something eclectic, choose a grey, white and black background and introduce pops of colour here and there so you achieve a fun look but don’t go too over the top.

If you’d prefer something a little more vintage in style, keep your colour palette light and add in some varieties of texture, while using crackle paint on some of the furnishings so you can get that aged look with ease.

And for a cosier look, go for creams on the walls and bedding, coupled with dark floors and furniture. Throw in some knitted blankets and cushions, and stick with more traditional colours like red and yellow for a really lovely, homely feel.

Think before you buy any accessories as well – you don’t have to spend a lot to make a real difference but you do need to pick them out quite carefully. We’d love to see what design choices you’ve made at home, so drop us a line with some photos on Twitter or over on Facebook.

You can find even more brilliant bedroom design ideas on Houzz.

fitted bedroom furniture in London

Why Buy Fitted?

by james |May 29, 2017 |2 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

Interiors trends come and go, but fitted bedroom furniture has stood the test of time in the style stakes – so why is it so popular?

As you go on to own your own home, you’ll no doubt have collected a lot of baggage along the way, and the number one rule when it comes to interior design is to make a space liveable. That, for most people, means only one thing – storage, storage, storage. Being able to hide away what you don’t want on show in your home in a way that’s easily accessible at all times is everyone’s dream, and creating a custom fitted unit is the best way to achieve this. You know what your bedroom needs to store, and non-fitted units just don’t have the flexibility to stand up to your demands.

Fitted furniture really does maximise space, allowing you to mix and match drawers, hanging space and nooks to create the perfect combination. With stylish door finishes, all of this can be hidden away, adding an extra level of texture to the room while you’re there, but more and more, trendy interiors lovers leave their fitted wardrobes open for all the world to see, displaying their collection of clothes, shoes and more in a beautiful way – a good choice for the tidy and organised types!

Homes with character are great, but what you’ll often find comes with it is quirks in the structure and layout which can make fitting non-bespoke furniture a pain. Fitted furniture can solve the problems presented by awkward angular rooms and proportionately challenging walls to give a sleek and chic finish.

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How To Decorate Your First Home

by james |May 29, 2017 |2 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

Once you’ve purchased your first home and have been out to buy fitted wardrobes online, you can finally turn your thoughts to the fun part – decorating! But how to go about it? It can be tricky for first-time buyers to know where to begin, so read on for a few helpful tips.


Buying a house is a very expensive affair, so do as much of the decorating yourself as you can to help cut costs. It’s also a great way of really making your house your own – look online for fun tutorials and spend time leafing through magazines to find out what kind of styles you like.

Ask around

There’s no shame in asking friends and family if they have anything lying around that they don’t use any more. Kitting out a new house will set you back a pretty penny which you can probably ill afford after buying it in the first place, so try to make savings wherever you can.

Think vintage

Spend time going around your local charity shops for bargain items. You can get some amazing china and cutlery, as well as big ticket items like sofas if you just devote a few hours to actually looking for them. Some places also offer delivery, so don’t worry if you don’t have a car.

Be arty

Big blank walls don’t make a place feel lived in but hanging big prints or framed posters is a quick and easy way to make you feel as though you’ve really moved in. You could even think about hanging a rug on the wall if you want to be a bit out there with your design.

Find even more decorating ideas here.

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5 Tips For Kids’ Bedroom Design

by james |May 29, 2017 |1 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

When planning a fitted bedroom for kids, it always pays to take your time so you can create them a truly magical space that makes them really look forward to bedtime (which will only benefit you since you’ll be able to get them to sleep when required that much quicker and easier!).

  1. Choose colours wisely

Your little man’s favourite colour might well be red, but this isn’t exactly soothing and definitely not conducive to a peaceful night’s rest. Perhaps paint the walls in a more relaxing shade, like light blue or lavender.

  1. Make it interactive

Your child’s bedroom won’t just be for sleeping in, there will be lots of playtime going on in this part of the house as well, so why not make the room as interactive as you can? What about painting one wall with chalkboard paint so they can scribble away to their heart’s content?

  1. Layout

Don’t forget that your little ones are just that – little. Make sure that everything is positioned so it’s at their height, which will help them keep their rooms clean and tidy, and make them feel as though it’s been designed just for them.

  1. The ceiling

All kids love stuff that glows in the dark, so what about giving the ceiling a bit of this particular treatment? Paint the moon and some stars so they love it when the lights go off at night.

  1. Grow charts

These are a fun addition to a child’s room, but why don’t you make your own by painting planks of wood and making them look like rulers before sticking them to the wall?

Want even more ideas? Check out this blog post on Style by Emily Henderson.

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How To Colour Block Your Bedroom

by james |August 26, 2015 |275 Comments | Fitted Wardrobes

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