Loft Bedroom Wardrobes

Everything has a purpose. The same can also be said for your loft. Your loft shouldn’t be left to be filled with useless, old, rusty stuff. With a little consideration & some mindfulness; it can be turned into as great of space as your other rooms. Many people are now converting their lofts into bedrooms. If you’re thinking about it too, install our loft bedroom wardrobes & bring more convenience, order & neatness to your loft space.

Why shall we be your priority?

We at Fitted Wardrobes & Bedrooms are a team of determined, diligent, & mindful furniture experts with over 25-years experience in this industry. Our long years in this industry have taught us the right way of planning, designing & making premium quality furniture at affordable prices. We have installed many loft space wardrobes during our service & it has given us an upper hand in the expertise of this area.

We understand that you’re worried because,

  • You need more space to keep things organized at home
  • You need one more room (for a hobby, kid’s study, small library, guests stay-over)
  • You are thinking about converting the loft into a useful bedroom
  • You want to install a stylish & durable wardrobe
  • You don’t want the wardrobe to eat much space
  • You can’t fit a regular wardrobe
  • You can find a wardrobe that fits but there aren’t many options in the design & finishes range
  • Other companies are charging you a fortune to install a loft bedroom wardrobe

If any of these or other reason is the cause of your stress then don’t worry. As discussed in the preceding statement, we provide you with a lot of benefits when you install our bespoken wardrobe loft. Some of the benefits are stated here to help you in making a perfect decision.

Size matters

While some houses have small to medium sized lofts, there are exceptions where a loft might actually be bigger or equal the size of your regular room. Also, the high or low ceilings can help to determine the most suitable loft bedroom ideas for installation. We have a wide range of loft bedroom wardrobes & our designs are always crafted by keeping in mind the requirements of our customers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the size of your loft as our designers can also make a custom build built in wardrobes for you.

Be as choosy as you want

Do you want to give your loft a classy look? A more modern one? Or maybe a more colourful look if you’re making it a kid’s bed or tech room. No matter what kind of theme you’re going for, our loft space wardrobes will always comply with your choice. We offer you a vast range of finishes, designs, textures & what not. You can choose from our many options & decide what suits you best & looks best for your loft.

Angle problem?

A loft has a sloped ceiling over it due to which the shape & dimension of a loft can prove to be quite a nuisance – especially when you’re converting it into a bedroom. A regular fit-in wardrobe won’t just work in a loft & you’ll need a bespoken loft bedroom wardrobe. We don’t just offer regular, walk-in & stand-alone wardrobes but also angled ones as well. These angled half height wardrobe can fit in even the most awkward dimensions of a room & give you the same feeling of a classy wardrobe with a spacious, organized & neat interior.

Our Service Area’s

At Fitted Wardrobes And Bedrooms, we supply and fit a range of Bespoke Loft Bedroom Wardrobes to complement the look of your home or office, Only using the best quality wood products and offer a affordable Prices. We serve customers in Kingston, Richmond, Leatherhead, Chertsey, Wembley, Weybridge, Egham, Guildford, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Surbiton, Teddington, Bromley, Hounslow And Wandsworth.