How To Decorate Your First Home

How To Decorate Your First Home

Once you’ve purchased your first home and have been out to buy fitted wardrobes online, you can finally turn your thoughts to the fun part – decorating! But how to go about it? It can be tricky for first-time buyers to know where to begin, so read on for a few helpful tips.


Buying a house is a very expensive affair, so do as much of the decorating yourself as you can to help cut costs. It’s also a great way of really making your house your own – look online for fun tutorials and spend time leafing through magazines to find out what kind of styles you like.

Ask around

There’s no shame in asking friends and family if they have anything lying around that they don’t use any more. Kitting out a new house will set you back a pretty penny which you can probably ill afford after buying it in the first place, so try to make savings wherever you can.

Think vintage

Spend time going around your local charity shops for bargain items. You can get some amazing china and cutlery, as well as big ticket items like sofas if you just devote a few hours to actually looking for them. Some places also offer delivery, so don’t worry if you don’t have a car.

Be arty

Big blank walls don’t make a place feel lived in but hanging big prints or framed posters is a quick and easy way to make you feel as though you’ve really moved in. You could even think about hanging a rug on the wall if you want to be a bit out there with your design.

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