5 Tips For Kids’ Bedroom Design

5 Tips For Kids’ Bedroom Design

When planning a fitted bedroom for kids, it always pays to take your time so you can create them a truly magical space that makes them really look forward to bedtime (which will only benefit you since you’ll be able to get them to sleep when required that much quicker and easier!).

  1. Choose colours wisely

Your little man’s favourite colour might well be red, but this isn’t exactly soothing and definitely not conducive to a peaceful night’s rest. Perhaps paint the walls in a more relaxing shade, like light blue or lavender.

  1. Make it interactive

Your child’s bedroom won’t just be for sleeping in, there will be lots of playtime going on in this part of the house as well, so why not make the room as interactive as you can? What about painting one wall with chalkboard paint so they can scribble away to their heart’s content?

  1. Layout

Don’t forget that your little ones are just that – little. Make sure that everything is positioned so it’s at their height, which will help them keep their rooms clean and tidy, and make them feel as though it’s been designed just for them.

  1. The ceiling

All kids love stuff that glows in the dark, so what about giving the ceiling a bit of this particular treatment? Paint the moon and some stars so they love it when the lights go off at night.

  1. Grow charts

These are a fun addition to a child’s room, but why don’t you make your own by painting planks of wood and making them look like rulers before sticking them to the wall?

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