How To Colour Block Your Bedroom

How To Colour Block Your Bedroom

Interior design is something we all like to get our teeth into from time to time, particularly when moving into a new house (you have to put your own stamp on it, after all), so before you buy fitted bedroom wardrobes, think about what kind of colours you want in the space and how you plan to introduce them. Here are our top tips for colour blocking, one of the biggest interior trends to have popped up in recent months.

Colour blocking – pairing bright colours together in order to create a strong graphic effect without the use of pattern – is a brilliant way of rejuvenating your home and making it look contemporary without putting in too much effort. Consider painting a strip of wall in electric blue if you’ve got earthy tones in your bedroom as this will really help to make a statement without being too overpowering.

Don’t limit yourself to the walls, however. You can go all out with the furniture as well. If you’ve got an alcove in your bedroom, paint this in a nice bold shade, or think about painting your skirting boards in something out of the ordinary. Alternatively, invest in key pieces of furniture in a bright shade that will make a big impact as well.

The biggest tip we can give you for colour blocking is to be as confident with it as you can. It’s not a trend for the timid homeowner and you can’t do it half-heartedly or the effect won’t be the same. Start off small perhaps, with some cushions and jazzy lampshades and then build up once you feel as though you know what you’re doing.

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